In the Heart of The Caribbean!

For the active and independent traveler.

Founded & managed by someone borned, raised and current resident of the hostel area.

Appointed by USA TODAY as one of The Caribbean’s Best Hostels.

No passport needed for US citizens.

License #1164 (Puerto Rico Tourism Company).

Two floors, solid concrete building (2, 000 sq. ft.). Come and enjoy a breath of fresh air at our big balcony/terrace.

This youth hostel, located in the heart of the Caribbean, (Puerto Rico – USA), offers dormitories with an atmosphere of light and space that’s a world away from the claustrophobia of the usual city hostel dorm. In addition one female dorm as well as private rooms it attracts a cross-section of travelers. Lively and spacious communal areas allows you to meet and chat with people from all around the world (this is an International hostel, after all).




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Focusing on young travelers who want a smart place to stay, opened in 2009 in America street, a calm street in downtown San Juan, capital city; short walk from places such as neighborhood pharmacy, mom & pop grocery store, government offices, Walmart, Walgreens, food court venue, banks, hospitals, nite clubs, 5 stars resorts/casinos, beaches. The key to San Juan International Hostel success is its cozy and familiar atmosphere.



Hispanic, Afro-Caribbean and North American influences mold Puerto Rico, a self-governing commonwealth that belongs to the United States. This subtropical Caribbean island is urbanized, industrialized and relatively prosperous.