Nightlife in San Juan

***Nightlife and San Juan – the words combine to create images of potent rum drinks, hot Latin salsa and nights than don’t end until the morning.***

San Juan Niightlife Tips

• Many of the city’s best bars and liveliest establishments are along two streets in Old San Juan.
• Stylish dress is recommended, though San Sebastian Street is more casual.
• The mojito is the speciality drink of San Juan and bartenders take the time to make them fresh.
• US Currency is accepted and most bars take credit cards.
• Have lots of cash on hand, especially for pubclubbing along Calle Forteleza, which can be expensive and moving from one bar to another is part of the party process.
• Bars, pubs and clubs are non-smoking, which is part of the reason people clog the narrow streets outside the venues.
• It’s not legal to have open containers of alcohol on the streets, though away from Calle Forteleza it seems to be accepted.


*The Pubs* – On Calle San Sabastian

  • Rumba “Rum Punch Bar”
  • El Cafe Seda “Beer Bar”
  • Nono’s Sports Bar
  • Hijos de Boriquen, Calle San Jose at Calle San Sebastian

*The Clubs* – On Calle Forteleza

  • Basiliko (a local favorite),
  • Sonne
  • Blend
  • Fratelli Lounge/Bar
  • Pink Skirt (open ’til 6 AM)
  • Barrachina (Original Pina Colada Bar), also has Flamenco music and dance 8pm-9pm Friday and Saturday nights

*Extras…* – On Calle Tetuan (by the taxi stand)

  • The Brick House “the poor man’s club”
  • The Colmbado Bar Moreno, reggaeton and cheap drinks
  • Carli’s Cafe Concierto, live jazz and fine dining nightly Tuesday-Saturday, near the bay at the plaza of the Banco Popular building in Old San Juan, For information and reservations call 787 725-4927

ISLA VERDE-The strip where most of the tourists stay, just a mile from the airport. Most of places are on the main road.

  • Monigan’s Irish Bar
  • The Oyster Bar
  • Club Brava/Ultra Lounge in El San Juan Hotel
  • Picante, lobby bar and lounge at the Marriot Isla Verde, free Salsa lessons Thursday night 8pm-9pm, get there early


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