Fachada VWelcome the real San Juan. Welcome to Santurce!
To say our neighborhood is interesting would be true but an understatement. It is home of fantastic (street-)art, excellent local hangouts, restaurants and bars, and thus it is Puerto Ricos cultural centre number#1. See the real San Juan and experience true Puerto Rican lifestyle.




Whether you’re looking for inventive, artistic fusion or traditional American classics, you’ll find excellent restaurants here.

Some examples:

  • La Tasca de Yiyo on central Loíza Street, offers hearty Puerto Rican and cuban fare.
  • Nice/Genuine Local Food at Walmart Delicatessen
  • Fast Food (too healthy?) Plaza
  • Bebo’s Cafe, also on Loíza Street, combines Dominican and ‘Rican flavors.
  • Hungry all the day? Check out Cafe Ruben on Ponce de Leon Ave, great flavor combined with good prices 24/7 open!
  • You want the Puerto Rican answer to subway? Try sandwiches at El Meson on Av. de Diego


Santurce offers three fantastic cultural meccas dedicated to the arts:

  • The Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, or Puerto Rican Museum of Art, is a must-visit destination for art-lovers. The building is beautiful, the collection of local, regional and international artists is excellent, and the sculpture gardens outside are worth a stroll. Tip: Go Wednesday after 2pm, there will be no entrance fee.
  • The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo is devoted to contemporary arts in all its mediums, and is a worthy sister to the Puerto Rican Museum of Art.
  • The Centro de Bellas Arts Luis A. Ferré is the island’s premier venue for plays, concerts and theater.


  • The most famous and popular destination is without a question Plaza del Mercado, or “La Placita” is an open-air plaza that transforms on weekends with bars, late-night eateries, and friendly crowds of Sanjuaneros. It’s a staple of the San Juan bar scene.

El Bar Rubí on Canals Street is a weekend-only, decent-sized space with a varied cocktail menu and great music.

Krash – the most popular gay club in Puerto Rico, Krash, which used to be called Eros, is still the place to go to for gay locals and tourists.