“Local is Beautiful”

  • 2 blocks brings you to a 24/7 mini-mart, San Rafael Pharmacy and El Local – Arts Club/Bar for indie rock.
  • 7 minutes walk to bus stop.
  • 20 minutes walk to Beaches.
  • 10 min walk to various coffee shops (Hacienda San Pedro, El Meson, Los Cidrines; AC libros) where local coffee served. 
  • 12 min walk to Banks, ATM’s and  Restaurants, Local 24 hour supermarkets such as Ciudadela Complex and Pueblo Supermarket, as well as Planet Fitness and new ‘Lote 23’ Food Truck Court/Entertainment.
  • 12 min walk to 24/7 Ruben’s Cafe Local Cuisine and Plaza del Mercado (Placita Santurce) for local produce market and dozens of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and weekly street parties on Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun nights.
  • 10 min walk to Fine Arts Center (Centro de Bellas Artes), Metro Cinema, Arrivi Theater, Shorty Castro Theater and Abracadabra Arts Café with Jazz on Friday nights.
  • 10 min walk to nightclubs – La Respuesta, A-Lounge, Epic, Temptations and clubs on Calle Canals near Plaza del Mercado.
  • 12 min walk to 1414 Berezdivin Art Collection, Museum of Contemporary Art, PR Art Museum and Calle Cerra for ‘Santurce es Ley’ Mural Festival.
  • 10 min walk in one direction brings you to Walmart, Asian Market and 24/7 Walgreens at ‘Stop 18’.
  • 20 min walk in the other direction brings you to Sacred Heart University, Urban Train, Popeyes and 24/7 CVS.
  • 20 minutes walk to the Condado Tourist area and Condado Beach.