“Local is Beautiful”

2 blocks brings you to a 24/7 mini-mart, San Rafael Pharmacy and El Local – Arts Club/Bar for indie rock.

7 minutes walk to bus stop.

20 minutes walk to Beaches.

10 min walk to various coffee shops (Hacienda San Pedro, El Meson, Los Cidrines; AC libros) where local coffee served. 

12 min walk to Banks, ATM’s and  Restaurants, Local 24 hour supermarkets such as Ciudadela Complex and Pueblo Supermarket, as well as Planet Fitness and new ‘Lote 23’ Food Truck Court/Entertainment.

12 min walk to 24/7 Ruben’s Cafe Local Cuisine and Plaza del Mercado (La Placita de Santurce) for local produce market and dozens of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and weekly street parties on Thurs, Fri, Sat nights.

10 min walk to Fine Arts Center (Centro de Bellas Artes), Metro Cinema, Arrivi Theater, Shorty Castro Theater and Abracadabra Arts Café with Jazz on Friday nights.

10 min walk to nightclubs – La Respuesta, A-Lounge, Epic, Temptations and clubs on Calle Canals near Plaza del Mercado.

12 min walk to 1414 Berezdivin Art Collection, Museum of Contemporary Art, PR Art Museum and Calle Cerra for ‘Santurce es Ley’ Mural Festival.

10 min walk in one direction brings you to Walmart, Asian Market and 24/7 Walgreens at ‘Stop 18’.

20 min walk in the other direction brings you to Sacred Heart University, Urban Train, Popeyes and 24/7 CVS.

20 minutes walk to the Condado Tourist area and Condado Beach.